In the beginning…

Kaleidoscope: “a continually shifting pattern of shapes, colours, scenes, or the like”

Road: “a long, narrow stretch or surface, made for traveling between two or more points”

In the beginning there was just an idea.

“You should write a blog.” Friends and co-workers have been telling me this forever.

I admire the people I know who have one subject for their blog, be it cooking, travel, crafts, or their family. Maybe I have too many interests. I like all of those things!

What do I really want to write about? In a word, everything. I asked my friends what they’d like to read. Believe it or not, they want to see things in my life that interest me, my life, my travels and the people I meet along the way. A kaleidoscope.

I tend to view things in poetic fashion (sometimes), so pardon this next bit. Life is a journey. It’s a road we travel, with friends and family (or even those we can’t stand to really be around).

So, my formerly private writing life will now be a public blog, Kaleidoscope Road.

It may be chaotic at times, it may make you laugh, it may make you cry, or maybe I’ll just take you for a walk in the park. Wherever my feet or my thoughts take me, feel free to come along.

Don’t worry, *ahem*… I’ll change the names of the not-so-innocent…